European Journal of Endocrinology

 MANAGEMENT OF ENDOCRINE DISEASE: Acromegaly and pregnancy: a contemporary review

Although fertility is frequently impaired in women with acromegaly, pregnancy is apparently becoming more common due to improvement in acromegaly treatment as well as in fertility therapy. As a result, several studies on pregnancy in patients with acromegaly have been published in recent years adding new and relevant information to the preexisting literature. Also, new GH assays with selective specificities and the knowledge of the expression of the various GH genes have allowed a better understanding of somatotrophic axis function during pregnancy. In this review, we show that pregnancy in women with acromegaly is generally safe, usually with tumoral and hormonal stability. Although the paucity of data limits evidence-based recommendations for preconception counseling and pregnancy surveillance, controlling tumor size and hormonal activity before pregnancy is highly recommended to ensure better outcomes, and surgical control should be attempted when feasible. Treatment interruption at pregnancy confirmation has also proven to be safe, as drugs are not formally allowed to be used during pregnancy. Drug exposure (somatostatin analogs) during early or whole pregnancy might increase the chance of a lower birth weight. Aggressive disease is uncommon and may urge individual decisions such as surgery or drug treatment during pregnancy or lactation.